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Viyya Technologies

Integrated Software Coordinating Critical Infrastructure


About Us

Viyya Technology Inc. (Viyya) was incorporated to create a multi-functional software platform to perform various IT functions such as content aggregation and the identification and management of disparate types of information and data. These functions began with simple monitoring and database applications to the complex algorithms involved in today’s cryptocurrency management and mining.


Viyya Platform Evolution

Base Platform Content Aggregation

The core technology was initially used and marketed directly by Viyya Technologies as a content aggregation tool for wireless telecommunication providers such as AT&T (Mexico), Swisscom (Switzerland) and TIM Cellular (Brazil) to provide personalized “magazine” feeds of information. The product was named MaggieMe and was the first product of its type. The user could pick a particular subject, such as Pinot Noir wine, and MaggieMe would search random or preset websites pulling together a personalized magazine on the subject. The platform was smart enough to translate stories from most languages to English. LEARN MORE >


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