About Viyya

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Our Story

Viyya Technology Inc. (Viyya) was incorporated to create a multi-functional software platform to perform various IT functions such as content aggregation and the identification and management of disparate types of information and data. These functions began with simple monitoring and database applications to the complex algorithms involved in today’s cryptocurrency management and mining. The product was originated by John Bay, as the company founder, and Jason Rappaport, the platform designer and author (Management Team).

Over the years John and Jason continued to transform the platform to meet the needs of various markets. Specific platform attributes were added by world-class individuals as the platform expanded. The platform is scalable, robust, and well architected which are the main reasons it has survived the test of time being effective with every version and vertical market application. A detailed summary of the Companies’ ongoing operations from 2006 – 2021, despite fiscal challenges that began in 2011 because of capital access for pink sheet companies until recently, follows in the next pages of content.