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Company History: Our Technology

A Statement from John Bay, CEO

CurrentC Power Corporation, formerly known as Viyya Technologies, (the Company) was formed in 2004 as a Nevada charter and actively traded on the OTC markets from 2006 to late 2011, fully compliant, and then with reduced volume until 2020 when the Company became a target for a corporate raider. The Company, because of the Management Teams’ efforts and agreement to take common stock as incentive compensation over the following years, continued operations on an accrual and incentive basis, only using share issuances and promises to keep development of its dynamic software platform current and relevant.

In approximately January of 2020, shareholders inquired to management about the status of the Company.  The only thing communicated was that the Company was still in business, had significant intellectual property and would take appropriate steps to access capital that might be available, directly or through a joint venture.

In early 2020, because of a hostile takeover application to the Nevada Courts for the ongoing concern of the Company and its proprietary software platform, the Company stock has been very active. This activity has allowed the Management Team to procure strategic capital on a private basis that would allow the Company to satisfy bills and update its status on the OTC Markets with the goal of becoming a significant player in the energy, blockchain and cryptocurrency, and protein production space through its software expertise dating back to the early 2000’s.  At the time management did not know, nor could it forecast, the significant changes that would occur as well as the expansion opportunities for the Company.

Virtually the same Management Team, with a couple of additions since 2011, have occurred as documented in the Company’s books and records, summarized in this chronology and corporate minutes. The Company has also provided such information to its legal counsel and accounting firm so that it may provide appropriate reporting as a public Company, not just a research and development software Company. The difficulty in managing a public company without capital access from the public markets creates difficult choices to be made and what bills, if any, can be paid despite the fact of owning assets and moving forward with continuing development on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

As a testament to the Company's Management Team, ongoing operations have continued, including the need to improve shareholder value. No one ever challenged the product or its evolution over time including the many software updates and platform modifications made to suit the evolving marketplace.  We, the Company, are now poised for product roll out in 2022 as well an amalgamation of capital and asset interests that will result in operational revenues in 2022.

John Bay, Chairman and CEO, CurrentC Power Corporation

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